Top 12 Signs You May Have A Food Allergy

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities

Often people live for decades with food allergies or sensitivities before they discover what has been leading to the cause of inflammation, weight gain, and general overall health issues.

Some food allergies are very significant and severe. These severe and potentially life-threatening food allergies, which typically include shellfish or fish and some type of nuts. When someone has these types of allergies, even a small amount of the food can pose a potential life threatening condition. These types of reactions, which can include swelling of the face, throat, and mouth, typically occur almost immediately after eating the food.

On the other hand, there are foods that cause sensitivities or mild to moderate allergic reactions that may not be associated with the consumption of a particular food. This is because the internal inflammation or the reaction may occur hours after the food has been consumed.

To find out if you may have food allergies or food sensitivities, look for the following 12 top signs and symptoms:

  1. Digesting problems – mild to more significant stomach cramping or feelings of nausea or vomiting after consuming food is a key indicator of an allergy. If vomiting occurs, seek medical attention immediately as this is a more serious reaction.
  2. Skin rashes – unexplained rashes on one part of the body or over a larger part of the body is often a sign of a food allergy or sensitivity.
  3. Itchy skin – like rashes, the itching can occur in an isolated area of the body or be more comprehensive across the body. This may or may not be accompanied by a rash and redness.
  4. Brain fog – sudden or frequent feels of being mentally foggy or confused, trouble in making decisions or a feeling of being mentally exhausted is a key indicator for many people.
  5. Acne – skin breakouts can be from specific issues with the skin, or they can be caused by the body’s reaction to the allergen.
  6. Moodiness – if you find yourself cycling through feelings and not understanding why it can be because of hormonal imbalances brought on by inflammation.
  7. Fatigue – unless you know why you are tired, an underlying health issue, such as a food allergy, can be depleting your system.
  8. Joint pain –as people age joint pain is seen as a natural part of the process. However, dairy and gluten insensitivities and allergies are often the culprits.
  9. Bloating – after eating if you experience bloating, it is likely that the foods you have eaten are changing the gut composition and resulting in fermentation and the formation of gas.
  10. Cravings – if you find yourself craving specific foods, take note of what you are craving. Often those are the foods that are most damaging to your body and the cravings are a result of an overproduction of antibodies to those foods.
  11. Headaches – chronic headaches can occur for many reasons, including the food you eat. Keep a food and headache journal and look for patterns.
  12. Common colds – if you are constantly sick or have a sore throat, you may have a food allergy or sensitivity. Talk to your doctor, particularly if the symptoms don’t respond to cold medications.

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  1. Tyler Meredith

    It’s interesting that your skin can actually start to break out if you have a food allergy. It makes sense that if you’re allergic to a food, having it come in contact with your face could cause some distress and possible acne. This is something to consider for my son because his face is looking particularly bad and I think it’d be good to have him tested for food allergies.


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