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In this week’s episode of Body Wisdom, Dr. Michele Summers Colon interviews Stacie Dooreck.

Stacie was taken to yoga ashrams and raised vegetarian since birth. Her own hatha yoga practice started in high school in 1993 due to an injury and continued as healing occurred from a simple daily yoga practice. The physical benefits and mental peace it brought were life changing.

The journey continued as she took her first teacher training in 1995 at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Canada and later on took the Gentle Integral Yoga and Kundlaini teacher trainings. Stacie has been creating and instructing yoga programs for companies, hospitals, health clubs, assisted living homes and more since 1995. After adapting yoga for her own healing during lyme disease she created the SunLight Chair Yoga: yoga for everyone, teacher trainings and books so that more people can practice yoga, at all stages and ages of life.

Stacie is author of the books and ebooks SunLight Chair Yoga: Yoga is for Everyone and Ahimsa: non violent eating and created and leads SunLight Chair Yoga Teacher Trainings in CA, FL, NY, NM and Bahamas.  In 2011 Stacie was featured on CBS Ch. 4 Miami News Healthwatch teaching “Yoga for Seniors” and on KQED/NPR radio in 2013.

“Stacie is breathing new life into South Florida Seniors” -CBS News Healthwatch News


What do you say to someone who has an injury and is concerned about doing yoga?

  • Yoga is healing and it can be adapted to whatever situation and condition you are in.
  • The chair is a prop that helps you feel safe and allows you to get the benefits without the risk.
  • It’s similar to regular sessions of yoga and being seated has a number of possible combinations of moves that can help build flexibility and strength, eventually you can leave the chair behind.
  • The elevation of the chair can be added into a normal session of yoga as well.

What are some ways people can practice yoga at work or home?

  • You can benefit from a short session at home, you don’t have to commit to a full hour. Even a few minutes of breathing and stretching can be very helpful.
  • Youtube, books, and local classes are a good alternative to get the basic knowledge you need to practice at home.
  • You have to find the discipline and the time, make it a priority. Start with a minute each hour.
  • No matter where you are you can breath.
  • There are a few apps that will automatically remind you to stop, breath, and stretch.

Do you have any transformation stories?

  • One of Stacie’s clients was in constant pain except for the time where she was doing chair yoga.
  • Another elderly client had a fall and chair yoga helped her build up the strength to get mobile again but also the confidence as well.
  • There are many reasons someone may have mobility issues, chair yoga takes away all the excuses and anyone can get started.
  • Yoga is less about the body and the postures and more about the discovery of who you are and how your body is unified.
  • Yoga can also just be the breathing and focusing exercises.

Can you tell us about your book?

  • The philosophy of the yoga diet is not causing harm to animals, non violent eating.
  • The diet of a yogi is vegetarian or vegan.
  • The dairy industry is the meat industry, it’s important to understand what your diet means in the course of the world and environment.
  • There are many reasons why a plant based vegan diet is the way to go.
  • Most people don’t want to harm others and don’t realize the impact their diet has.
  • What we eat has more of an impact that our yoga practice.

Do you have any final tips for someone just getting started in yoga?

  • Find a chair that’s stable and start where you are, find a simple sequence online or in a book and try it out.
  • Aim for two minutes a day and if it hurts, don’t do that pose.
  • At the very least, take a slow deep breath.


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  1. Stacie

    It was wonderful to be on your Body Wisdom podcast Dr. Michele. I loved sharing the benefits of Chair Yoga with your listeners. Yoga is for everyone! Namaste, Stacie


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