Epigenetics: Our Choices Matter


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Perry Marshall, discussing epigenetics and Evolution 2.0.

Perry Marshall is an exciting guest bringing a fresh perspective to the 150-year old evolution debate and illuminating the science behind evolutionary processes. With a decade of research and some personal discovery squeezed in there too, Perry harnesses an engineer’s outsider’s perspective to reveal a century of unrecognized research and discoveries.

An author, speaker and world-renowned business consultant with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Perry dives deep into the workings of our human bodies, the nature of evolution, and how we can harness nature’s wisdom to optimize our own health and performance. He even compares human evolution to a swiss army knife, and DNA to computer code, as well as touching on subjects like how viruses mutate within hours! While your doctor will say you have to take the full course of antibiotics, Perry illuminates why it is so important.

Show Notes:


  • How did Perry get started down the evolution rabbit hole? It all started with an argument with his brother. As pastor’s kids, they were both passionate about their stance. Perry was a scientist and an engineer, while his brother was a believer in Darwinism. Ten years later, the book Evolution 2.0 was born.
  • If you use medicine, you need to figure out how we got here in the first place. There are many things that we haven’t been told yet. Evolution 2.0 is a different way of looking at health.
  • The concept of epigenetics is a hard concept for some people to grasp.
  • The poplular concept of genes is wrong. It was thought that genes are everything, that you inherit your genetics and that there is nothing you can do to change your genes. This is wrong.
  • There is a two-way biofeedback system between you and your genes. Everything you do, from what you eat to how you exercise, can change your genes. This is called epigenetics.
  • For example, a study by a pediatric toxicologist at UCLA found that the epigenetic effects of secondhand smoke on children  were most noted from the child’s grandparent who smoked. So the number one effect of secondhand smoke is inherited from grandparents who smoke.
  • Epigenetics is like temporarily silencing genes and then turning them on when you need them.
  • You are actively participating in your own epigenetics every day of your own life. The same thing happens with the food we eat. It is affecting future generations.
  • This does not happen by accident.
  • Our bodies constantly adjust to everything that is going on around us.
  • Our choices affect us, our children, our future generations, and everyone around us. We have more power than was originally thought.
  • There is a Darwinian narrative that is inherently disempowering. We are not random accidents. We do not only do what our genes program us to do. We have free will.


  • Symbiogenesis is cooperation. 90% of the cells in your body are symbiotic bacteria that live on our skin and in our bodies. These kinds of symbiotic relationships in nature show that mother nature is more cooperative in nature than competitive.
  • For example, let’s look at mitochondria (the parts of the cells that turn oxygen into energy). Our cells have mitochondria in them, so our cells are cooperative with mitochondria.
  • Another example: Termites can digest wood becasue they have bacteria in their stomach that can digest wood.
  • Our bodies are better than any machine that could ever be invented.
  • Evolution is a cooperative process. It’s not this survival of the fittest competition that we’ve been taught.

Biologists vs. Physiologists:

  • Dennis Noble, who figured out the cardiac rhythm and made pace makers possible, is a physiologist and the former president of the Physiologists Association. He states that the way that they taught evolution to us was wrong. He found that there was a complex regulatory network with genes where, when the body is under stress, the body will do different things. He figured out the stress response.
  • He organized a conference at Oxford called New Trends in Evolution Conference last year.
  • Approximately 2/3 of what we were taught about evolution was wrong.
  • Even some of the things we were taught in medical school were wrong, such as certain disorders and diseases.
  • We need critical thinkers now more than ever.
  • Evolution 2.0 is the story of a renegade, but it is getting more and more endorsements from biologists and higher level teaching institutions day by day.
  • Does this make sense to me? It’s important that we are all wide awake.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI is trying to do what living things do already very efficiently.
  • They’re paying software engineers to create bots like Siri, Alexa, and self-driving cars, which are weak imitations of humans.
  • Perry has created the $5 Million Technology Prize to see if someone could figure out where life gets its spark.
  • If we could figure this out, we could make a huge technological leap forward, and we could understand our bodies better, we could understand our cells better, and we could understand biology better. It’s called the Evolution 2.0 Prize. You win if you find out how did we get from chemicals to code.
  • Your body is an information processing system, not just a bunch of chemicals. This is the problem with traditional western medicine.
  • The robots aren’t going to be doing the creative things that humans are created to do. The bots are going to be doing the boring jobs. Acutally, this could make youir job a lot more productive and effective.
  • You need to be forward thinking, not worrying.
  • How do I make the AI my slave? Don’t worry about how AI will make you its slave.

Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design

  • You can get 3 free chapters of the book at cosmicfingerprints.com
  • You can also find in here on amazon.
  • Our bodies are wise.
  • Barbara McClintock talks about cells being wise in her Nobel Prize-winning paper. She studied what cells do when they’re faced with new situations. She said we need to learn from cells and pick up their wisdom.


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