The Yin Zone: Why Yin Yoga Is Our Favorite


Listen in as Dr. Michele interviews fellow Yin Yogi Michael Banks on the Body Wisdom with Dr. Michele Podcast.

Both Michael and Dr. Michele have been trained as RYT 200 yoga teachers with extensive training in Yin Yoga Levels I and II as well as Restorative Yoga Levels I and II.

Michael believes every body is a yoga body, and if you can breathe, you can practice yoga! His focus is more health-based than performance-based, with an emphasis on alignment and anatomy. He uses props to assist with alignment and to help individuals better understand their own bodies. His goal is to create a space where individuals, regardless of mobility or physical challenges, can grow and heal from the inside out.

Michael received his teacher training at the TheraYoga Studio in Montrose, CA, with Samantha (Sam) Joseph-Akers and Addie de Hilster. The training was based on Modern Hatha Yoga, which encompasses the physical asana practice and is the umbrella term for most styles of yoga practiced in the West. Sam and Addie developed the TheraYoga Method, whose lineage descends from the practice of T. Krishnamachary, who could be considered the father of modern yoga. Krishnamachary also practiced Ayurvedic medicine and combined this science with yoga in his therapeutic approach.

Sam was taught by Kelly Wood, who was taught by Gurmukh Kalsa, who was in the direct lineage with Yogi Bhajan, Judith Lasater, Leeann Carey, Doug Keller and George Haas.

Addie was taught by Bernie Clark, Leeann Carey, Paul Grilley (who was key in the development of Yin Yoga) and Sarah Powers, who coined the name “Yin”.

Show Notes:

1. Find out how both Michael and Dr. Michele found yoga and, more specifically, yin yoga in their 40’s or later after establishing their careers in fields outside of the yoga community.

2. Yoga is for anybody at any age!

3. Could yoga be the anti-aging secret?

4. Props are amazing! Even the wall is a great prop to use in yin yoga and restorative yoga.

5. The difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga.

6. What is the yin “high”?

7. For athletes and strengthening, yin yoga is the way to go. For healing from injuries and trauma (including emotional trauma), restorative yoga is the way to go.

8. What prompted you to create Yin Zone?


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