Kickstart Your Health as a Courageous Ageless Woman


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews Marie Piazza, an expert healthy lifestyle coach who also creates and hosts experiences worth sharing, in the form of mastermind luxury retreats for utmost self-care, for women who crave the pleasure of business AND downtime.

Marie is also a keeper of secrets. She is an intuitive wizard of weight loss and work/ life balance for busy women entrepreneurs who fear being overwhelmed, over-fat and broke whilst in search of their 7 figure biz.

She lives as a Courageous Ageless Woman and “Healthy.Rich.Sexy and Fabulous” is her daily mantra!

Marie organically started a social media daily live show when she was at her highest all time weight and lowest confidence. Learning to embrace uncomfortable to be at ease saved her.  She loves being around women who make going live a spectacular performance and keeps it real.

In her short life span, she has expertise and is certified as a teacher of yoga, pilates, strength training, spinning, body pump, Tabata, and boot camp. She is a health coach, personal trainer, health club owner, jazz dancer, athlete, mother of 3, daughter, and friend. And she knows every home making skill necessary and unnecessary.

[Note: Please excuse the audio quality of this international interview with guest Marie Piazza. The content is so great that we decided to publish even with the static on the line. Marie resides in the Caribbean.]

Show Notes:

Some of the topics we touch on in this interview:

  1. I am committed to women’s empowerment through health, self-care, and a kick ass business by using your feminine power.
  2. Getting older is really the best teacher to take “risks” based on your gut and intuition.
  3. Age really is but a number; you are as old as you think! Being ageless is my tagline.
  4. Which 4 simple daily rituals can kick start your energy, create a path to lose your first 10lbs or more in less than 6 weeks and inspire you to be productive and passionate about your work and play?
    1. Move your body for 10 minutes a day!
    2. Get enough sleep!
    3. Drink more water!
    4. Write these 3 things down everyday in a journal.
  5. Self-care and financial independence will help create a beautiful environment and a healthy body.
  6. Amplifying your lifestyle in key areas with primary foods will enable you to choose to live a permission-free life. 
  7. It’s a conundrum to be a successful entrepreneur out in the world because privately you feel numb, like there’s something missing and drifting in online minutia.
  8. The magic pill for everything exists.
  9. How to wade through the gazillion pieces of advice you search, research or receive daily and still feel confused.
  10. Being 40, 50 or 60 is not the new anything…..
  11. My story is every women’s story, at key stages of her life, stuck in a Gemini of inner turmoil and outward success.
  12. How to recognize and deal with the vulnerability and shame through body parts, especially when nothing fits and you can’t get into your favorite clothes anymore without a struggle.


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