The Hidden Benefits of Blending


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Lenny Gale, discussing the hidden benefits of blending.

Lenny Gale left a consulting job and CPA license to start Life is NOYOKE in 2012. Today, Mr. Vitamix spends most of his work hours answering questions, maintaining the Vitamix buyer’s guides, and creating in the kitchen with his wife Shalva.

Show Notes:


Listen in as we answer some of the most common juicing and blending questions such as:

  1. Why Blending (instead of traditional juicing)?
  2. What if you don’t like kale? Or spinach? Or some other specific fruit or vegetable?
  3. How can blending help with meal planning and your morning routine?
  4. Do you really need a Vitamix? Are more economical options okay?


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