Healthy Habits and Food Heal


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Jill Steinberg, discussing the healing benefits of food.

Jill has been the President of the Interlink Group for the past 7 years. Prior to that, she was Sales Manager of Value Computing for 9 years, Sales Support Manager of Symbiont Software Group for 3 years, and Manager at Computerbank for 9 years. She has a graduate degree in Sociology & Communications from the University of Miami and is certified in Apple Computers, Microsoft Partners, and Leviton Networks.


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Jill was diagnosed six years ago with immune thrombocytopenia (loss of platelets). When she was diagnosed, she had zero platelets, had been sleeping for 21 hours, and had purplish bruises and multiple petechiae on her body.

She was on medications for a year and half before her platelet levels stabiized. Since then, Jill uses a combination between healthy daily habits and food as medicine (an anti-inflammation diet) to keep everything in check.


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