Seasonal Detoxing: Why It Works To Keep The Weight Off


Show Notes:

Listen in as Dr. Michele discusses her experience with seasonal detoxes. Find out what a seasonal detox is, what she did to lose 30 pounds in just over a year at the age of 48, why she does it as the seasons change, and what her results were.

Dr. Michele explains that an all-natural detox is the way to go, with no expensive supplements or pre-made foods to buy. All of the food is organic, natural (not processed), and homemade. Whole foods are talked about a lot today and for good reason. Dr. Michele only eats whole foods for a variety of reasons, and especially during the detoxes.

Dr. Michele describes why participating in a detox such as the Yogidetox in a group of like-minded friends or colleagues is important for success. Trying to do it alone is difficult, and science backs that up. Working in groups yields a 77% success rate while going it alone is only 10% effective.

Dr. Michele leads groups of her own clients through seasonal detoxes, and her fall detox is starting November 1st. It’s really a great time to do it, just before all of the holiday foods come out. We all know what happens during the holidays, so consider a short two or three week detox for yourself and your body before the extra holiday pounds start adding up.

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Dr. Michele Summers Colon is a physician and surgeon in the Greater Los Angeles area. She is also the creator of the Body Wisdom podcast and a Yoga Health Coach. Dr. Michele works mostly with diabetics to help them lose the extra weight, eat right for their body type, and reverse their diabetes. For over two decades, Dr. Michele has dedicated herself to maintaining a private medical practice and providing exceptional care to her patients. Dr. Michele believes that food is medicine and that Yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation are the keys to perfect health. Dr. Michele has a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology, a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, and a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine with a specialty in Foot and Ankle Surgery. She’s also certified in Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology, and Laser Therapy. Dr. Michele has studied Ayurveda extensively and has worked with some of the best practitioners throughout California to bring Ayurveda to the forefront of medicine.  

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