Habit Evolution with a Posse, Direction, and a Leader


Join Dr. Michele for this special anniversary episode of the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Cate Stillman of Yogahealer, discussing habit evolution with a posse, direction, and a leader. Entrepreneur, Ayurvedic practitioner, and certified yoga teacher with a worldwide vision for community wellness education, Cate Stillman has grown Yogahealer steadily since 2001 into a vibrant worldwide online posse of yoga practitioners who want to practice personal and community wellness.


  1. Why is so hard for people to change their habits?
  • We have an unbalanced culture with a lot of rushing around and aggressiveness. A calm, cool, focused state is hard to achieve in an environment like this.
  • Who we are is a lot of the momentum of who we were yesterday.
  • Many people have given up on positive change, you design your body with your habits.
  • You have to take responsibility for your situation before you can really make deep changes to your ingrained habits.
  1. How do we get people to take that first step?
  • You have to reckon your past behaviors with your current reality.
  • You can’t make someone change, change can only come from within.
  • You have to take responsibility for your choices, once you do that hope will be ignited and change is possible.
  • All of your current relationships are supporting the reality you currently have.
  • Accountability and a group that is on the same path will make the hill less steep than trying to do it on your own.
  • Oftentimes, the person who has gone through reckoning day and turned their life around becomes the inspiration for other people.
  • It’s important to take small steps towards a bigger goal, one of the easiest first steps is to get more sleep. If you’re sleep deprived, you won’t process your food as well, your mind will feel foggy and your body will feel uncomfortable, and you will actually feel more hungry you than you are.
  • The average human only a few hundred years ago would get 9 hours of sleep a night on average and ate a diet that was much more natural. Today, we have to invest more effort into nourishing ourselves well.
  • The power of transformation is the realization that you can change who you are, what you eat, and how you feel.
  • You create a micro culture with the people you spend the most time with and normalize the daily habits that you do.
  • Rebels and perfectionists often have to have a break down before they have a breakthrough.
  • For a group to work and a culture to change, there has to be an element of vulnerability, humility, and transparency.



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