Ayurveda and The Doshic Clock Keep You Balanced


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Anna Welle, discussing what Ayurveda is and how Ayurveda and the Doshic Clock work to keep you balanced.

Anna Welle is an Ayurveda Practitioner, Master Reiki Therapist, Yoga Health Coach and initiate as a Priestess of the Moon. She is also a mentor for the Living Ayurveda Course online Ayurveda School and a follower of Sri Guru Mooji. Anna brings these elements, and more, to you with her expression of Ayurveda, spirituality and the Divine Feminine.

She believes in Ayurveda as a system to support your healing, your flourishing, and your ultimate truth in Self-realization. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit in a wholesome and loving way is fundamental to help your light shine bright and live fully from your heart.

Show Notes:

In today’s show Anna educates us on what Ayurveda is, how it addresses us as individuals, and how the three doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) work. We discuss the doshic clock and the doshic energy in each of the following rhythms: the daily rhythm, the lunar rhythm, the yearly cycle (and the seasons), and the life cycle.

Looking at the daily rhythm, the doshic energy cycles through the day twice. Vata governs the times betweeen 2am-6am as well as 2pm-6pm. Kapha is present from 6am-10am and from 6pm-10pm. Pitta shows up from 10am-2pm and from 10pm-2am. Looking a little more deeply into the qualities of each dosha, it will make more sense why certain activities are better for you, your health, and your productivity when performed at certain times of day.

First cycle of the day:

  • Vata is comprised of space and air, so the qualities of vata are light, cold, mobile, rapid, rough, quick, changing, movement in our bodies and in nature. So the early morning hours from 2am-6am are the best times to wake up early, breathe, mediatate, and have a bowel movement. For early birds who wake up really early (around 4-5am), take advantage of this creative time for writing or getting creative work done.
  • Kapha is made of earth and water, so the qualities of kapha are heavy, grounded, physicality, fluid, muscular, lubrication. So in the later part of the morning from 6am-10am, it is best to move your body and work up a sweat, shake up your kapha energy, and eat a light breakfast. You may also notice an excess of kapha in the form of congestion in the morning.
  • Pitta consists of fire and water, so the qualities of pitta are firey, transformation, metabolism, digestion, heat, growth. From 10m-2pm, the sun is strong, at its peak, and agni (our digestive fire) is also strongest. For this reason, this is the perfect time to eat our largest meal of the day (at lunchtime).

Second cycle of the day:

  • From 2pm-6pm, vata is the governing energy, and the same energies apply as in the morning. Movement, lightness, and creativity are present so this is the best time to communicate, hold meetings, network, do your busy work, and run errands.
  • From 6pm-10pm, kapha is back with its slow, nurturing, sweetness, juiciness, pleasure, and support. This is the time to have fun, chill out, spend time with friends and family, have a nice early dinner, read, do mellow activities, take a nice relaxing walk, go to bed early, relax, take a warm bath. Kapha supports our ojas, our sweet nectar, our immunity, that healthy glow we have, that healthy satisfied state we have with life, the slowing down to enjoy life.
  • From 10pm-2am, pitta returns with metabolic fire to cleanse and detoxify our body as we sleep so that we can wake up feeling fresh and light and clear. It supports the tejas, our awareness, a sharp mind, our intelligence. This is why it’s important to be alseep by 10pm, before pitta is fired up again. This is why people report having a “second wind” late at night and why some people claim to be “night owls.”

If you don’t know your dosha, there are many dosha quizzes online which will ask you a series of questions about your physical traits as well as your mental/emotional states. Here is a good one that I’ve used before with clients: dosha quiz.


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