Self-Healing and Transformation from the Inside Out with Ayurveda

In this week’s episode of Body Wisdom, Dr. Michele Summers Colon interviews Alicia Lynn Diaz on self-healing and transformation from the inside out with Ayurveda.

Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP, transformational healer and founder of the Enlightened Body System ™, has facilitated hundreds of clients to eradicate illness, dissolve emotional blocks and overcome stuckness. She is masterful at distilling, with purity, the specific source of your breakthrough in health and life.

Alicia Lynn’s experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Physiologist combined with deep spiritual mentorship from a Vedic Master who advised the Dalai Lama has given her a unique and potent ability to help others effectively activate their innate self-healing power. She is gifted in deeply
integrating the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing into tangible, practical reality.

Main Questions Asked:

Tell us about your personal story and how you discovered the Enlightened Body System.

  • After graduating medical school while running a clinic in Manhattan New York, Alicia was studying yoga and meditation where she was introduced to Ayurveda, a system of Traditional Eastern medicine.
  • While using what she was learning to help her patients, Alicia found herself having health issues that modern doctors and medicine couldn’t heal so she began searching for her own answers and ways to heal outside of traditional Western medicine.
  • After travelling West, she was drawn to San Diego where she was introduced to, and began apprenticing under her first mentor from Mumbai India, who had also been the physician to the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa.
  • While studying under her second mentor in New Mexico Alicia learned how to self heal and transform from the inside out, using the power of the body, mind and spirit.

What are the 6 stages of disease, and what is the connection that emotions have in disease?

  • Accumulation – Toxins began to accumulate in your cells.
  • Provocation – The toxins begin to overflow and spill into the bloodstream.
  • Spreading – The toxins begin spreading and looking for a place to deposit themselves.
  • Deposition – There are 7 tissues in the body and the toxins will find the “weakest link” to spill over into and deposit themselves.
  • Manifestation – This the point where diseases start to manifest and grow.
  • Differentiation – This is the stage where tissues begin to differentiate themselves from normal healthy cells. One example is cancer growths.

● Your body will try to warn you it is experiencing stages 1-4 but Western medicine’s diagnostic tools are currently only capable of identifying the problem as early as the deposition stage and the root cause ends up getting overlooked or ignored.

● Each cell contains a “gatekeeper” which is the intelligence of the cell which determines what to let in and what to let out.

● If your “gatekeeper” isn’t strong enough it can be overpowered by the toxins seeking to deposit themselves.

● Repressed emotions get stored in your tissue and reduce the strength of your “gatekeeper”.

● Emotional trauma can also lower the strength of our “gatekeeper”.

● Our “digestive fire” not only digests the physical food we put in our mouths, but also digests thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What do you mean by the barriers to healing?

  • Your health isn’t a destination, but rather an ever evolving process of wholeness remembered. Meaning your body already knows how to heal itself, but sometimes there are things in the way that keep your body from remembering how to function as a whole. Similar to a the way a seed knows how to grow, but can only do so if it is being given everything it needs.
  • Barriers are anything in your life that are keeping you from becoming whole again.
  • Repressing emotions creates barriers to health.

Which barrier do you see most often? Which is the most damaging?

  • Emotional repression.
  • People can have a hard time experiencing or expressing certain emotions even though they may have no problem expressing others. Usually due to past experience or trauma making that emotion seem wrong in some way.
  • There are no bad emotions. There are only bad ways to express them.
  • There are ways to train your nervous system to release your emotions in a productive way, that promotes optimal health without any of the dogma or meaning of a particular emotion.


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