Why Do People Hate It When You Make Big Lifestyle Changes?


Join Dr. Michele on the Body Wisdom Podcast as she interviews guest Adam Hommey, discussing making big lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Adam Hommey is the Founder and Creator of The Business Creators’ Institute™ and the Editor-In-Chief of The Morning Adam™, a popular daily online publication where Adam brings together business, online marketing, persuasion, copywriting, and current events in a fun, exciting way, but Adam is also a Vegan and a practitioner of Ayurveda. His interests include studying history, traveling, kicking ass at Texas Hold ’Em, listening to 80s music, and attending live concerts. He’s a big fan of cats and has been repeatedly and unanimously re-elected World’s Best Cat Daddy by the entire feline population of his household. His passionate causes include helping forward-thinking Business Creators break out of corporate jail and claim their own destiny as well as animal rescue and rights advocacy.

Show Notes:


Tell someone you’re doing Yoga or Ayurveda, going Vegan / going Paleo, or doing anything to significantly or massively improve your lifestyle, and they may support you. Or…they may attack you, question you, show you in words and deeds they don’t believe you can do it, or outright ostracize you.

Sometimes you can’t “walk away” and sometimes “just ignore it” doesn’t work, either. What do you do?

In this exclusive interview, Adam Hommey shows us what may actually be happening – and how to handle it in a way that gains respect.


1) First of all, can you tell me more about your own experiences becoming Vegan and adopting Ayurveda into your daily life?

2) You mentioned how Vegans get asked the “20 questions”, attacked publicly just for what they DON’T eat, and socially ostracized by others who would rather not “deal with it”. What gives? And how do you deal with it?

3) What are some examples of “extreme” reactions you’ve seen from folks who were bothered by others’ healthy and positive lifestyle choices?

4) How do you recommend people respond when they get the third degree about their own life choices?

5) What else should folks keep in mind when making big changes to better themselves?


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One Response to “Why Do People Hate It When You Make Big Lifestyle Changes?”

  1. Shenika Keis

    Yup that’s true after all its like people feel like if they can’t achieve something even you can’t so instead don’t tell people about your lifestyle changes and instead just show them your results so even they will get motivated that’s what i would like to say.


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