Plant-Based Diet Recipes for Diabetics

Who says diabetics can’t enjoy delicious plant-based diet recipes? Here are some sizzling summer recipes for everyone, even diabetics!

Summer is a terrific type of year for anyone who enjoys a healthy, plant-based diet. There will be a great selection of local vegetable and fruits to choose from, and even some unique vegetables and fruits that may be a true taste experience.

Too often people with diabetes fall into the old salad trap over the summer. While there is nothing wrong with a cool, tasty salad, there are some other foods to consider as well that will be filling, satisfying and something very different.

Spice it up With Salsa

Salsa is not just out of a jar. You can use a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to create a spicy hot or a soothing and cooling additional bit of flavor. This is perfect on grilled vegetables such as squash, cauliflower or eggplant, or you can add a spoonful on top of some light sour cream for a combination of flavors.

Good options for mixes for fruit salsas including mangos, pineapple, berries, as well as peaches and apricots. Just remember to limit the serving size to fit your plan for carbohydrates for that meal.

Traditional salsas with fresh tomatoes of different colors, avocado, tomatillos and fresh cilantro is a refreshing option as well. You can add as many jalapenos as you want to get the heat you like.

Tofu Stir Fry

On a pan on the grill or in the house for a quick meal on a hot day, a tofu stir fry is a simple, easy meal. Choose a variety of in-season vegetables including peppers, celery, broccoli and cauliflower as well as green onions, garlic and fresh ginger to add a bit of extra flavor.

Mushroom Burgers

A great option to consider for a vegetarian cookout is to slice a large portabella mushroom into thick sections. If you can’t find the really large mushrooms, use the smaller mushroom caps as a section. Brush with a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregano and salt and pepper. You can also add a bit of garlic to give it a wonderful taste. Allow this to marinate for at least a half an hour, then toss them on the grill and cook until there are some great grill marks and the mushrooms are heated through.

Top with some tomato slices and your favorite low-fat cheese for a very upscale burger. Serve on a whole wheat bun and you have a terrific meal for the whole family.


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