Healthy Daily MicroHabits For The Win!

What makes one program succeed while other programs fail?

What makes one person succeed while another person fails? Baby steps! It’s as easy as that. Call it what you will: baby steps, microhabits, small changes, or kaizen. The Japanese word kaizen simply means “change for better,” or improvement, one-time or continuous. This is what makes new habits stick.

This can be especially useful when setting goals such as weight loss or starting a workout routine. Have you ever noticed if you set a really big goal like “I’m going to lose 50 pounds before the end of the year” or “I’m going to workout everyday for the entire year” that rarely does it happen? However, if you set small goals like “I’m going to lose 5 pounds this quarter” or “I’m going to do the 21-day yoga challenge,” you have a much higher chance of it coming true.

When we set a small goal and take baby steps to make it happen, it happens! 

I like the term micro-habit because once you master the mico-habit, it becomes a daily habit, or a part of your normal routine.

When I work with clients one-on-one, I spend a lot of time in the beginning with them finding out what their big goals are, what their “why” is for reaching those goals, and working with them to break those big goals down into easy-to-achieve small goals. We then can determine what the next action step will be, or which micro-habit to start with to make this goal come to fruition.

For one small goal, there may be several small action steps to take. For example, let’s look at a very common goal that I see in my clients who have not been exercising for months or years: the small goal of starting an exercise routine. The baby steps would not include: go run a mile everyday for a week. That would never work with someone who hasn’t exercised in a very long time. It would be too hard to do! The baby steps could include: jog in place every day for 5 minutes, pick two physical activities that you like ( such as yoga poses, jogging, speed walking, dancing, boxing, lifting weights) and let’s make a plan for you to alternate between these two activities every other day for an entire week, set out your workout clothes the night before so that first thing in the morning you’ll be ready.

Kaizen it.

Plan it out.

Do it in small steps.

Be consistent.

Be accountable.

That’s how you do it.

We can do this with any health-related goal you have: to lose weight, to start exercising, to eat healthier, to get more sleep, to get deeper sleep, to spend time in nature, to spend more time with your family, to meditate daily, to drink more water, to practice more self-care, and more…

If you’re struggling with reaching your health goals, don’t wait. You can get the help and support you need now. If you need help, let’s talk. Schedule a phone call with me to discuss how we can work together so that you can reach those goals. In just a few weeks I will be opening up spots in my program Body Wisdom: 10 Weeks to Transormation, but there are limited spots. More details coming soon!

Let’s talk!

Dr. Michele

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