Understanding The Four Corners Of Your Feet

Four corners of your feet keep you in balance.

One of the things you will hear in a yoga class is the instructor telling students to stand down in the four corners of the feet. This may seem like a strange thing to say as most people don’t associate feet with corners, rather they tend to see the foot as one continual surface.

However, most of the time the surface area of your feet is not uniformly on the ground. Think of how the foot moves when you take a step, stand tall, bend over or reach for something high. The weight of the body shifts from different areas of the feet, creating a change in the connection with the surface of the ground.

In Yoga

In yoga classes, staying in connection with the ground in the four corners of the feet is a way to remain grounded and in connection with the earth. This, in turn, provides balance both for posture and positioning but also to create a balance in the flow of energy through the body.

Having the feet correctly balanced or standing down in the four corners also allows people to access their strength and power. It is really the basis of being centered, balancing and assisting the body to function optimally both in yoga as well as throughout the day.

The Specifics

There are four specific points on the feet that make up the four corners. They include the position over the joint between the big toe and the foot and the same point down from the little toe. These two points are opposite each other on the ball of the foot.

The two back points or corners are on either side of the heel at the widest area. These four corners need to be evenly bearing the weight of the body to provide the balance, harmony and overall foot and body health.

Practicing standing with the four corners of the feet equally bearing weight will help you to feel more energized, balanced and stronger when you do take a step or move.

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