Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue?

What Are The Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue?

When you are chronically tired, your doctor may be overlooking the root cause of your health issues. Many people spend years trying to find a diagnosis for the symptoms they are experiencing. They may go through countless medications, tests and treatment options, but it isn’t until they get the right diagnosis that these symptoms can be treated.

Adrenal fatigue can occur when someone is under stress, either physical, emotional or mental. This stress, when it occurs over time, will result in a lower level of hormones and specific types of signaling chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, in your body and your brain.

People of all ages and stages of life can experience adrenal fatigue. It is most common in adults, and it often resembles a wide range of common health conditions that can make it very difficult to identify.

Common Symptoms:

The vast majority of individuals with adrenal fatigue will have the following symptoms. These symptoms tend to be chronic and do not seem to come and go. Additionally, the symptoms may be more problematic when the person is under new or additional stresses or as the condition progresses.

  • Problems waking – one of the first symptoms is often problems with getting up in the morning. People with adrenal fatigue may experience this even with a good 8 hours of sleep a night. They may find it hard to wake up or drift back to sleep immediately.
  • Decreased stress tolerance – if even small stresses are problematic and they have not been in your past, your body (adrenal glands) may not be producing the hormones needed to counter the adrenaline that is released during times of stress.
  • Extreme exhaustion – if just getting through the day is a challenge despite sleep and a healthy diet and lifestyle, adrenal fatigue is a possibility.
  • Suddenly energetic at night – if you find you feel energetic at night and tired during the day, hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body may be the root cause.
  • Craving salt and caffeine – changes in your cravings that include caffeine, chocolates, soda and other types of stimulants as well as salty foods is a symptom of an imbalance.

Most people with adrenal fatigue also have chronic health issues. They are likely to have continual colds, coughs, and infections and they may find that they take much longer than normal to recover.

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