Afraid of Gaining Weight During the Holidays?

Most women worry about gaining weight during the holidays (and even expect it)…

There’s so much going on during the holidays, which basically starts the week before Thanksgiving and goes on until New Year’s Day, that weight gain should be the last thing on your mind. But it’s a common concern for women of all ages, but especially women in their 30’s and older. Why do we worry about it? Or expect it? Because we know all of the tempting and even delicious foods that we normally don’t eat will be making their way to our homes and dinner tables. 

I’m not one to recommend you to not eat any of it. I say it’s ok to indulge in special treats and foods that only come around once a year, but there are some steps we can take to ensure that our waist line doesn’t expand and our pants don’t get so tight that we’re uncomfortable.

So, what can we do? Here are some tips and some resources to help you during this time of year:

  • Try a short 3, 5, or 7-day all-natural juice cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is a free one you can try!
  • Or try a longer 2-3 week detox during those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas (or after Jan. 1st). If you’re interested, check it out the pinned post in the detox group here. (You can also listen to me describe how detoxing like this a few times a year helped me lose 30 pounds.)
  • Eat your normal, healthy foods when you’re not at parties and events.
  • Experiment with intermittent fasting for the month of December. If you don’t know what IF is, here is a short article describing how it works.
  • Skip the snackiung between meals. Have that dessert! But only with your meal.
  • The same is true for alcoholic beverages. Have that after dinner drink, but have it with or immediately after your meal, not 2 hours later.
  • Between meals, if you feel like snacking, grab a watter bottle and chug it (or at least drink half of it). Sometimes we’re actually thirsty when we think we’re hungry.
  • Experiment with meal spacing (if you’re not already doing it). What is meal spacing? Read up on it here!
  • Close your kitchen at 6pm. That’s right. After dinner, no snacks or desserts or high caloric beverages. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those days when you have a party or event to go to…because after all, most holiday parties are in the evening. (You’ll actually sleep better too!)
  • To satisfy a sweet tooth or other cravings, make sure your meal has all six of the Ayurvedic tastes in it (salty, sweet, pungent, sour, bitter, astringent). Because if your meal is missing one of the tastes, you will crave that taste…even if you’re full. Have you ever noticed you’re really full after a meal, but you still crave something sweet or salty? Now you know why! Click here to find out more about the 6 tastes.

I love sharing Ayurvedic repices too, so I will post some yummy holiday ones next week! Here is a receipe for healthy gingerbread cookies.

Happy Holidays!


Dr. Michele

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  1. Debora Curtis

    It’s been so long since I studied any Ayurveda. I remember the 6 tastes, but forgot what each was for. Thanks, I’ll try to follow that concept. AndI might just try the gingerbread cookie recipe.


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