5 Self-Care Tips For Your Feet

This post could also be called “5 Of My Favorite Things For My Feet” or “5 Recommendations from Your Podiatrist”

…because these are some of the most common questions I get asked in my medical practice every week. Which orthotics do I recommend for slip-on shoes? What is the best running shoe? What is the best sock? What’s the best thing for dry, cracked heels? And finally, what is the best nail polish? 

So next time a patient asks me one of these questions, I might just send them here to read this post. 🙂

1. My favorite over the counter orthotics for my slip-on shoes and clogs are my Lyncos orthotics made by Aetrex. While not as rigid and supportive as custom made functional orthotics, they are a great alternative for times when I need a second pair to keep in an extra pair of shoes that I keep in my gym locker, my gym bag, and in my operating room locker. I love them and highly recommend them.

2. My favorite running shoes are from Asics, the GEL Trabuco GT-X. They are light-weight, supportive, and made for trail running. They have a waterproof Gortex upper that is breathable and very comfortable. When I first tried them on, it felt like I was walking on pillows.

3. My favorite workout socks, Juzo Silver Sole Socks. These socks are ideal for athletes and for those who spend hours on their feet. They are comfortable, provide compression, have a cushioned sole, and help to eliminate germs and odors. I like the ankle length socks for working out and running. 

4. My favorite foot cream for dry, cracked skin on my heels (especially during the winter months when everyone’s skin gets dry) is called Barefoot Botanica Cracked Heel Repair Cream. This cream deeply penetrates and actively soothes and repairs dry, cracked, damaged skin and heels very quickly. It dissolves away dry and callused skin and moisturizes the underlying healthy skin. I love this cream, and so does every patient of mine who has tried it. It makes my feet feel like I just had a pedicure. 

5. Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polishes which protect nails from fungal infections. While most pedicures and nail polishes put toenails at risk for potential fungal infections, this nail polish does the opposite. Plus, it comes in many different colors and contains vitamin E & C, wheat protein, tea tree oil, and garlic bulb extract. Who doesn’t love a good, safe pedicure?

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